AM PARFUMS is a division of the UGIT company. Fragrance creation experts, our French group has been building an international reputation in the fine fragrance industry for more than fifteen years. Our AM PARFUMS creations are distributed in the Gulf and Maghreb regions as well as Eastern Europe, and of course France… exclusively through perfume outlets and a selection of prestigious beauty salons.

In 2017, AM PARFUMS decided to expand its portfolio and created THE FRAGRANCE HOUSE, a brand dedicated to truly exceptional fragrances. THE FRAGRANCE HOUSE offering consists exclusively of extracts, cementing its positioning as a luxury brand.

THE FRAGRANCE HOUSE, the brand of exceptional creations

As ever, we work with an entirely French production chain, so that we can be sure that our perfumes are of the highest possible quality. This excellence comes from the know-how and creativity of our perfume designers, a palette of raw materials selected according to the highest standards, formulation in a factory in Grasse, on the doorstep of the very land in which some notes have their roots, and meticulous, predominantly hand-crafted packaging.

We really get to know the countries where our perfumes are sold, so that we can be sure that our compositions reflect local tastes, customers’ desires, and trends. This is why we are able to create contemporary scents that are also an absolute pleasure to wear. However, our customers often want to wear our perfumes forever, regardless of fashions.

Now, THE FRAGRANCE HOUSE presents six exclusive creations which are immediately recognisable by their powerful, intoxicating trails, to establish the brand and underline its prestige credentials. The fragrances in this rare collection are in the form of extracts, the most luxurious and concentrated of perfumes.