Our collection from The Fragrance House

THE FRAGRANCE HOUSE does not produce anything less than extracts – offering you perfumes in their most absolute, concentrated form. These extracts form the unique character of scents which are powerful and sophisticated.

Succumb to the charms of these six exceptional perfumes with their elegant, sought-after olfactory pyramids, and make them your personal signature. Choose the perfume that will resonate on your skin and stay with you night and day.

Our designs are often named according to the two notes that have been shaped most artistically at the heart of each juice.

Twilight of the idols

Twilight Of The Idols is inspired of a book by Friedrich Nietzsche. A mysterious scent that invites wises to explore the universe. This balsamic and spicy fragrance portraying a new attitude to the art…

Twilight of the idols
Musk Amber

Musk Amber

Little by little, this extract reveals a precious amber, opening with a vibrant dessert note between mandarin and juicy peach, whose sweetness is softened by a carpet of fresh rose petals. The heart of this extract climbs gradually like a freshly picked rose, still covered in dewdrops, whose scent emerges in the gentle embrace of the first rays of sunshine. Soft, serene orange blossom, a modest accomplice, intrigues us with subtle, delicate notes.

As the hours pass, the powerful base of our extract begins to emerge; this is where the musk reveals the full extent of its olfactory finesse. We imagine this musk tucked away in a dry wooden box which blends with and enhances it beautifully.

Musk-Amber is a sensual, very gourmand note with sparkling, joyous facets.

Patchouli Safran

Patchouli Safran arrives in a burst of freshness in which ever-dramatic pepper makes its presence felt! It almost comes as a surprise when the delicious, joyous note steps aside to let the freshly picked mandarin have its say. Together they give the flowers that form the heart of this extract a lively facet. A “queen” rose is flanked by more transparent flowers that have all been gathered for the purpose of enhancing her majesty. Then comes the patchouli, which glides across these notes, reminding them that with its sensual personality, it never dulls.

These strong olfactory personalities are kept in check by the amber and dry wood base in which the compositions are anchored and which provides them with the most exquisite platform.

Patchouli Safran is a very original extract which is brimming with strength, freshness and softness at the same time.


Mystère d’Amour

Mystère d’amour starts by serving up a sweet, bright character, introducing freshly squeezed grapefruit and a sun-kissed peach. Instantly, you are spirited away to a garden bursting with ripe fruit. The musk of the base notes tries to take the lead but the heart of the extract tempers it with an orange blossom which on this occasion, is powerful and voluptuous. The rose accompaniment, slightly tangy, converses with the orange blossom. As they drift away, the patchouli and musk make their graceful entrance, sumptuous and serene. Like an unfolding love story, their fiery passion gradually takes on a gratifying truth and depth.

A mysterious love affair, this breathtaking extract manages to combine softness with pungent peaks, resonating on the skin with utter sophistication.

The Oriental Oud

The Oriental Oud is a very personal interpretation by our perfume designer of the Orient’s most iconic note: oud. This resin is characterised by a concentration of sublime, very powerful notes and does not sit well with every ingredient. In our extract, it is complimented immediately in a saffron-enhanced, bergamot top note. This original combination gives it a slightly spicy flavour. The jasmine flower wastes no time in taking its place, flanked by a velvety rose. The base notes are characterised by their special brand of sensuality, which strikes a chord between patchouli and very distinct musk. Our perfumer worked like a goldsmith to polish and shape this oud into the centrepiece of the extract, so that it shines like a precious jewel without overpowering the other notes of the composition.

The Oriental Oud’s multi-faceted personality comes to light in our extract, which brings together citrus, flowers and woods.


Spicy Oud

Spicy Oud erupts in an explosion of aldehyde and lemony notes, seemingly interwoven with traces of smoke. The top note gives a commanding performance using the oud’s strong, delicious personality, set against this backdrop. The heart turns out to be most intriguing, thanks to the joint efforts of rose and, quite unexpectedly, coconut. Neither flower nor sugar dominate the overall piece. Our senses are never allowed to forget the oud: it maintains a linear presence throughout this extract in which it strikes a thousand chords. The base note has been designed to let the oud open up with the patchouli, the perfect note to reveal the full extent of its finesse. The very animal tone of this exceptional resin comes to the fore perfectly.

Spicy Oud, a true perfumer’s perfume, like embroidered silk. As we explore this exquisite extract, we find each note more exceptional than the last.

Leather Amber

Leather Amber has no hesitation in making its character known: spicy, robust and almost indomitable! Its fierce spirit comes from a bright mixture of chilli, oregano and bergamot. This creative, stylish top note gradually fades to give way to its mysterious, ambery heart. The middle notes are just as lively. Our perfumer was inspired by the idea of a thick, supple leather, reminiscent of the luxury saddles that adorn highly strung racehorses. The story of this signature leather is told by amber, cistus, opoponax and incense, which seem to jostle and understand each other innately… It’s a story that is written on a strong, flowerless base consisting of patchouli, sandalwood, agarwood and leather.

Leather Amber weaves its spell with a trail of notes between wood and leather and a bold, unique personality.